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hey guys …

i know i haven’t updated this blog in a while and i am sorry for that … but i completly lost the interest in so many things you guys followed me for and my blog (and my dash) really became a mess lately. 

that’s probably why i didn’t enjoy tumblr as much as i used to when i created it over 2 years! ago.

so i decided to start fresh and created another blog which i have for almost a month now and i realized that it’s so much more fun to have an organised blog with basically nothing but video games and orphan black on my dash … so yeah i wasn’t sure if i wanna keep the new blog (i acutally thought that i would come back to this one in a few days) but in the end i decided to abandon ‘tombgayder’ completely … idk it kinda makes me sad i found great people on here but it really doesn’t satisfy me anymore.

there are also a lot of people i know in real life who are following me on this blog and that’s one of the reasons why i won’t post the link to my new blog, sorry. 

so … bye, i guess

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Dr. Earnhardt's Mansion

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may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead

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Splatter Art Gaming Series by @Melissa Smith

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Mass Effect

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